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The Halstead Team

Lic. R.E. Salesperson
Office:(212) 381-3213

The next generation in real estate, supporting all your residential and commercial needs.


The Next Generation in Real Estate

The Christopher Halstead Team was built with the intention of providing clients and customers the highest level of personal service in both Residential and Commercial markets and was assembled by Christopher Halstead, the nephew of founder Clark Halstead. After Chris established himself as a top New York agent, he realized there were more opportunities to take advantage of with the help of other industry professionals. Before joining the team, each member crafted their own business and skill sets and were selected due to their unique area of market expertise. Combined, the depth of experience makes them one of the most comprehensive, full-service teams in the city. The team members pride themselves on their integrity and honesty and treat everyone, from the first-time studio buyer through prominent developers, as equals.

Christopher Halstead

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, Chris is adamant about providing the time and attention you require and desire. Chris prides himself on a reputation that places customer service above all else. His personal approach and that of the Christopher Halstead Team is to listen intently, offer straightforward guidance and respond accordingly in a timely and efficient manner.

From Tribeca to the Upper East Side, Harlem to the Financial District, Chris has a deep understanding of most Manhattan neighborhoods. His knowledge of townhouses, condos and coops is widespread, as is his understanding and experience through the board process. As an agent, Chris commits fully to delivering honest and attentive guidance while maintaining a constant focus on the entire transaction process, from the initial consult with his customer through to closing. At the foundation of his success is his collaborative and congenial approach with customers and colleagues alike, working in both the residential and commercial arenas.

Chris is an alumnus from Emory University in Atlanta.

Edward “Ward” Eagan

Edward “Ward” F. Eagan recently joined the Christopher Halstead Team, led by Chris Halstead, one of NYC Tri – State area’s “Top 5% Real Estate Producers, bringing a commercial element to the group. A representative of both buyers and sellers, Ward works with investors, developers and property owners to help align their real estate needs and business objectives, optimize property positioning, identify value-add opportunities and execute complex transactions.

Ward is an alumnus from Manhattanville College in Purchase, New York.

Lisa Mathias

After 20 years working in Entertainment, Finance and Marketing, Lisa decided to transition her career into Real Estate and joins the Christopher Halstead Team at Halstead Property, LLC.

Over the course of the years, Lisa has been involved with the buying and selling of multiple high-end residential real estate properties. Her knowledge and understandings of people allow her to work well with all types of personalities, align the interests of her client base while executing the art of the close with both ease and elegance. Lisa is personable, smart and NYC savvy. She is extremely creative and a problem solver. Lisa is a strong believer that nothing is impossible and with proper perspective, guidance and attitude, all is achievable.

Lisa lives on the Upper East Side in New York City. She is an alumna from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Chris Totaro

Joining the Christopher Halstead Team was the natural evolution of having worked on projects independently with Christopher over the last 2 years.

The two languages spoken in NYC real estate are residential and commercial; Christopher Totaro is uniquely bilingual. His broad experience is derived from the past 12 years as a builder-developer and real estate investor in NYC and East Hampton. Having been the buyer and the seller multiple times, Chris understands the needs of both. His knowledge of construction and investing as well as being a Certified Negotiations Expert is a tremendous value-add to the team. Chris’s decision to originally join Halstead Property was based on having been a client multiple times and being impressed with the integrity, highly personalized service and, of course, the technology. Chris is a longtime resident of TriBeCa, and an accomplished artist.

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